About the Blogger

tomato writer

  1. a writer whose last name happens to be a tomato. contrary to popular belief, the tomato writer has no particular enthusiasm for tomatoes, and often asks for tomatoes to be held on her food orders (though this could be out of a reasonable distaste for eating her kin.)
  2. a twenty-something blogger/aspiring freelance writer who thought she had a clever username and since then has been too lazy to change it.

My name is Alex. I’ve been in love with stories my whole life and writing them since I was eight. My goal is to one day be a published fiction author, but I’m also interested in getting into the world of freelance journalism. On this blog, I post about the stories I’ve experienced lately in the form of books, movies, tv series and theatre, as well as general life and faith updates and what I’ve learned lately about writing. I can’t promise that I won’t sometimes post something outside of that criteria. I’m still learning as I go.